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  Board Postions (* Executive Board) Term Expires (end of season)
Terrance McCauley President* 2019
Mike Carey Vice-President* 2020
Paul Meehan Softball Director* 2020
John Cesario Baseball Director*/Facilities Director 2019
Jeff Lee Safety Officer* 2019
Buddy Purvis Player Agent* 2020
Lisa Fitzmaurice Treasurer* 2020
Rene Rodriguez Director 2019
Brian Connolly Asst Facilities Director 2020
Dawn Gallagher Secretary 2020
Ron Schaedler Director 2020
Mike Diffley Director 2020
Mark Kiely Director 2020
Todd Jones Information Officer/ Webmaster 2019
Chris Musto Director 2019
Joe McCarren Director 2020
Tony Pinciaro Umpire in Chief and Concessions 2020
Mike Toto Concessions and Uniforms Honorary Lifetime Member
Ken Trombley All Star/ Special Events  2020