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Instructions: Emailing your team

Steps are below or you can follow this video:

2. Sign in by clicking "Sign In" on the upper right black bar
3. After you are signed in, click the Orange "Admin" label on the top black bar
4. From the dropdown that appears, go to "Messaging">"Email Members"
5. The next page should be mostly white and on the far right, your team name should be highlighted gray
6. If it is, click the blue button: "Find Members" at the bottom of the page
7. The next screen will be the email
8. Make sure the "From" and "Reply To" are correct
9. Next to "To" you should see a number between 11-35 or so - this is who is getting the email
10. Add a subject (something like Welcome to the Nanuet Little League Pirates)
11. The only other thing you need to complete is the "Message": My recommendation is to introduce yourself, include your contact info and then make sure to add this part below - You can copy the section for your team and just paste it into the bottom of the message:
12. Click Send and you should be good to go. 



Nanuet Little League expects nothing but the best from our managers and coaches. Given the important role that these individuals play in the development and leadership of youth in the Nanuet Little League program, much care is used in the review, vetting, and selection of managers and coaches for Nanuet teams. While not all inclusive, the League has these base expectations for all managers and coaches.

Managers and Coaches:

  • Must encourage players at all times and will not damage the self-esteem of any player or parent at any time.
  • Understand that becoming "physical" (grabbing, pushing, hitting, physical or verbal intimidation, etc)  with any player, parent, league official, opposing coaching staff, spectator, or umpire is not acceptable at any time - - such actions are grounds for serious consequences up to immediate removal as a manager or coach.
  • Will have undergone the standard Little League required background check
  • Have open, productive and strong relationships with the League, Nanuet Board of Directors, parents, and umpires at all times.
  • Demonstrate that they have an appreciation of the philosophy of Little League Baseball, Nanuet Little League and cooperates with others in making the program of mutual benefit to all children in the program.
  • Recognize that they are agents of the Board and will follow the Board’s direction, philosophy, and advance the agenda for the League as set forth by the Board.
  • Recognize and accept that Nanuet Little League has a zero tolerance policy for rules and regulations infractions and non-compliance with League code of conduct and facility use policies.
  • Attend all mandatory coaching and safety clinics - no exceptions.
  • Lead by example in shaping acceptable behavior patterns whether the team wins or loses.

Have a solid understanding and agree to comply with all Nanuet and Little League rules, regulations, and code of conduct policies.