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T-Ball Division


The 2021 Little League Rule book will govern all games for our season.  When in doubt, the rule book will be the ultimate guide. 

The following additional rules are to be followed for all Tee Ball games:


No Manager to Manager side agreements (rule modifications, additions, or deletions) are allowed.

There is no KEEPING SCORE in Tee Ball

The Tee must be used at all times(absolutely no coach pitching)

Soft Baseballs are to be used exclusively

1 hour time limit on all games

Player at “pitching position” must wear a batting helmet in the field

No catcher position

All players bat each inning

No “home run” to end the inning (encouraging the players to just run around the bases can be confusing and dangerous when fielders are running back to dugout)

This is the introductory level to Baseball/Softball for the children.  Most of them will spend two years at this level.  We try to keep the focus on FUN, and we try to instill a sense of order to the game.