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  1. Unlock all field gates, bathrooms, tool shed for lining of fields (if town field is locked have town employee unlock their gates)
  2. Check master schedule and insure fields have necessary equipment (ie. baseballs, softballs, pitching machines, bases ect.) For town field you will have to measure out bases.
  3. Turn on scoreboards that will be used (depends on level) at breaker upstairs score booth.  Scoreboard controllers will be given to HOME team manager and he is responsible for its SAFE return after the game.
  4. Make sure bathrooms and porta johns are stocked with paper products
  5. Assist with concession stand setup if necessary
  6. Note game time at Heroes, keep Heroes score shed locked until manager/coaches arrive due to concession products inside.
  7. Once games begin, check on all fields to make sure games are running smoothly.  BE VISABLE
  8. After games are complete, pick of trash that may be left behind, consolidate and empty all trash cans.  Place new liners in trash cans and lock up field gates.
  9. Concession staff should be responsible for cleaning bathrooms but may require your help.  Inspect bathrooms for cleanliness and lock the doors.
  10. Dump all garbage bags in dumpster by Parks and Rec office.
  11. Make sure all field lights are turned off.
  12. Lock all Fields gates, sheds, connex storage box and office door.  (When locking up the field gates please use the chains with the lock, especially on the double gate entrances.  If the chain isn’t used they can be pulled open with.)
  13. Secure doors to concession stand once staff is done cleaning