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Why Be a Volunteer?
Volunteer Applications

For security reasons, we no longer use the paper form.
Please let your coach/manager know that you want to volunteer and supply your name and email address. You will then be invited to fill out a brief on-line application.

Nanuet Little League is successful because we have people that truly want to be involved
with their children’s experience in the league.  The league is run by volunteers made up primarily of parents and guardians of the players.  The best way to start is at the T-Ball level, but it’s never too late to volunteer.
We encourage parents to volunteer for any position, but the area that we always try to get the most help in, is as T-Ball Managers.  We have many resources for parents that might be hesitant to sign up to be a Manager, having no baseball or softball experience.  We have fundamental training manuals, and videos that are available.  At the T-ball level, parents will often find themselves on the field helping anyway, and it helps us, to know in advance, that we have volunteers we can count on to be Managers, Coaches and Team Parents.  This relaxed atmosphere of T-Ball will help the parent get a feel for the responsibility, and whether it is a good fit for them at higher division levels.
It is also helpful for parents and guardians to sign up to volunteer in other areas as well.  Managers need, and well appreciate, the help of Coaches and Team Parents throughout the season. On every registration, we include a question where one can sign up for Manager, Coach, Team Parent, or Umpire.  To get more involved, simply check one of these boxes off while registering your child, or let us know anytime by sending us a feedback at our feedback link at the Feedback button on the left side of the home page.
Team volunteers consist of 1 Manager, 2 coaches, and 1 Team Parent.
The primary responsibility of the Manager is to be the leader of the team.  The team decisions rest with the Manager.  This is a basic list of what the Manager needs to be responsible for:
  • Introducing themselves to the players and welcoming the players to the team
  • Scheduling and holding practices
  • Ensure proper communication to all team members
  • Ensure enough players show up for games
  • Setting game lineups and substitutions
  • Ensure fair and proper playing time for players
  • Ensure safety and order for players
  • Instructing Players on fundamentals of Teamwork, Good Sportsmanship and Discipline
It is at the discretion of the Manager to delegate any of these responsibilities to the Coaches and Team Parent.  It is the responsibility of the Coaches and Team Parent to assist the Manager as requested, and follow the Manager’s lead in assuring the responsibilities are covered.
Non-Team volunteers are welcome too.  We always need help announcing games, doing field maintenance, cleaning up, and various other chores around the complex.
You will find that Volunteering at the ball field is both a fun and very satisfying.  Please consider it for this and all future seasons!