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Baseball AA Division 2021


Each game will have a 1 1/2 hour hard time limit. No new inning shall start after 1hour and 15 minutes.

Catchers must wear full equipment

Three outs played per half inning

Dropped third strike rule is NOT in effect

Infield fly rule is NOT in effect

There will be NO check bunts.  Meaning, a batter cannot show bunt to the fielders then pull back and swing.  This will result in an automatic out

3 run max per half inning

The game will be halted when one team is leading by 7 runs after four innings or 4 runs after five innings

There will be a continuous batting order

Each player will receive a minimum of two innings of playing time and one at-bat. If the game goes six innings, a player will receive a third inning of playing time

No leading/stealing





Pitching distance is 40 feet

Any pitcher that hits 3(THREE) batters in the course of a GAME will be taken out as a pitcher in that game

Every child that desires to pitch must do so

Any pitcher that hits 3(THREE) batters in the course of a GAME will be taken out as a pitcher in that game


Pitch count/innings count must be on the web following the game on the same day. There will be a  

Zero tolerance policy this year. If there is a question if a player pitched a certain amount of pitches and that is not entered on the website he will be deemed ineligible to pitch that day.

(New) Each manager is to verify pitch counts with opposing manager and sign off on each other books.

Catchers can only go in to pitch provided they've caught 3 innings or less.

Pitchers  MUST wear a heart guard (provided)



20 pitches or less: Can pitch the next day.

21-35 pitches: 1 day of rest

36-50 pitches: 2 days of rest


Managers Challenge: 

There will be no manager’s challenge in the AA Division. All calls made by the youth umpires are final. You will not argue any calls. Coaches are not allowed to appeal or demonstrate any action that would influence a call. If a coach is caught appealing a call or influencing a call he/she will be ejected for the remainder of that game and will also not be available to coach the following game.