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1) Outs will be called from the start of the season.  A player who makes an out either at bat or on the bases will be instructed by their own coach, in a positive fashion, to report to the dugout.

2) Each team’s at-bat in an inning will end after one turn through the entire lineup.

3) Each batter will have a 8-pitch maximum. A foul ball on the 8th pitch shall result in another pitch.  The coach will pitch to the players of their own team.

4) Pitches will be made 30-35 feet from home plate.  Temporary bases should be placed at 45-50 feet apart.  

5) Additionally, for the players to start getting used to pitch counts, just before the 8th pitch, they will be told that they have a full count. If they do not make contact with the 8th pitch a “called strike” will constitute a strikeout and a “called ball” will constitute a walk. A swing and a miss at this point will mean a strikeout while a foul tip will mean they remain at a full count and they get another pitch.

6) Starting with games on 5/6 the player fielding the pitcher’s position will throw the first 3 pitches to each batter in the inning.  Feel free to rotate through multiple pitchers each inning as needed.

6) A batter hit by a pitch can either take first base or remain at bat. This call is solely at the discretion of the batter’s coach.

7) In keeping with the values of this Instructional division the score will not be kept.

8) There will be a two-base maximum on any balls hit into the field of play. The players should be encouraged to try for a double on balls hit into the outfield gaps etc.

9) There will be no advancing on overthrows.

10) No inning should start if the time is more than 75 minutes past the scheduled start time. Any inning started prior to the 75 minutes should be completed in its entirety.

11) Second base should only be covered by the second baseman or shortstop.  Not outfielders.

12) Work on developing potential pitchers during games if possible.

West Nyack Softball Director: Mike Hoffman 

Nanuet Softball Director: Todd Jones