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We are a non profit Baseball and Softball Organization.  There are no paid positions in the organization. We do pay certain people outside the organization, such as Association Umpires, and some Concession Stand people and this is approved by a vote by the General Membership every year at the General Membership meeting.  All monies collected, from all sources, are applied to all expenses and improvements.
CLICK HERE: CALCULATOR for an Excel Spreadsheet to figure out your fees ahead of time.
At the time of TEAM ROSTER ASSIGNMENT, all players with any open balances will not be assigned to a team.   If at a later time, the player’s balance is brought to $.00, they will be placed on a team by the Player Agent, PROVIDED there is room.  If a player is locked out due to this, a refund based on the cancellation calculation below will be paid.  No player is guaranteed a position on any team, unless they are paid in full at the time of Team Roster Assignment.  To check your balance at any time, you can click on the Edit My Account tab on the bottom left side of the home page, and sign in with your email and password.  The only exception to this policy is for Scholarship cases which must be worked out in advance as outlined in our Policies on the web.
Our base registration fees are graduated, from T-Ball through Big League.  (These Fees only cover approximately 65% of the expense for each player to be enrolled.  The remaining costs for each player are covered by fundraising events, and our generous Sponsors).
T-BALL           $110
A                   $150
AA                 $150
AAA               $200
MINORS         $200
MAJORS         $200
JUNIORS        $220
SENIORS        $220
BIG LEAGUE    $220
Additional sibling discounts apply at $25 per player.
$20 fundraising fee:
Fundraising methods may change season to season and are non-refundable.This fee is added to the base registration above.

Nanuet Little League will consider providing financial assistance to families that are unable to afford all or part of the registration fees for their children.  We want to encourage all players that want to participate in the league to do so, regardless of financial position.   The parameters of the program are outlined in the Scholarship Program Page in our Policies on the web.  

To properly run this league, we need your assistance in timely and accurate registration.  We encourage everyone to register as soon as possible, and to avoid putting it off.  We have late fees to offset the additional expenses and workload that result from late registrants, and we believe they help to serve as a deterrent to late registration.
We plan the team count, the roster allocations, the field usage, the uniform and equipment orders, and the supplies and maintenance resources, all on the amount of registrants we have.  Late registrants have a direct, and negative effect on properly administering the league.  We hope that everyone registers and is paid in full early, to avoid any late fees, and we hope that the late fees are never generated.  However, reality tells us, that unfortunately, occasionally they are.  Registrants NOT PAID IN FULL at the time of each LATE FEE date will be WAITLISTED and subject to that LATE FEE.
We have two phases of late fees for the Spring Season.
LATE FEE 1    ($25)  After the first signup deadline. This date is generally a few weeks after registration opens.
LATE FEE 2    (Additional $25 [$50 total])  Typically the end of year, preceeding drafts
We have one phase of late fees for the Fall Season.
LATE FEE 1    ($25)  If you miss the first signup deadline. This date is generally a few weeks after registration opens.
Families moved to Nanuet after the start of the school year are considered for exemption from pre-season late fees.
Cancellation fees will apply if registered players drop out.  As with late registrants, players dropping out of the league puts a SIGNIFICANT strain on the proper administration of the league. (Team counts, balanced divisions, etc.)  An administration fee will also be retained from all cancellation reimbursements.  There is also a time element that is relative to the time when we are notified of a cancellation or resignation.  Only at that point can we attempt to halt any further expenses directly connected to the child. The calculation for approved reimbursements is as follows:   BRF * % + B - A  - CC – MCD – OFB        [see brackets in RED below for explanation]
The BASE Registration Fee   [BRF]:

T-BALL            $110
A                    $150
AA                  $150
AAA                $200
MINORS          $200
MAJORS          $200
JUNIORS         $220
SENIORS         $220
BIG LEAGUE    $220

multiplied by the applicable percentage  [%]:Request made-  Before tryouts: x100%, Before rosters are determined: x75%, Before uniforms are ordered: x50%, Before Opening Day: x25%) any Bonds [B] calculated for that specific registration minus the $25 Administration fee [A] minus any Credit Card processing fees [CC].
Notes: Multi-Child Discounts [MCD] applied to a single sibling if this registration was processed first will be deducted so as to apply the charge back to the other sibling as a full registration.  All Outstanding Family Balances [OFB] must be cleared before any reimbursement will be made.  Late Fees [LF] and Fundraiser Fees [FF] are non-refundable. No refunds will be given after the season begins. In the event of a season ending injury occuring at a Little League game or practice, the family can apply for a pro-rated credit of the base registration fee to be applied to a future family registration within the league.
We want you to avoid any additional fees.  If parents register their players in a timely manner, perform the concession stand duty, and keep their players in the league, the league will run smoother and the expenses will be minimized.
Adopted 8/31/2011 and renewed by Constitution annually by the Board of Director