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Below is a list of questions and answers that we frequently get. Hopefully these are helpful to you.


What is the order of events and on what dates do they occur that are significant?

Generally, the progression of events is this:

Registration Online : October 1
Registration Late Fees: Mid-November
Draft List for Majors Closes: Last Day of Tryouts

Tryouts : October/November

Rosters Sorted Out : November

Uniforms Ordered : January
Practices Start: January-March (Manager’s Descretion)
Opening Day: Early April
Playoffs: June
All Stars: July-August
Fall Ball: September-October


Why does registration occur so far in advance?

There is a lot of preparation that goes into properly setting up all divisions in Baseball and Softball. Tryouts in many divisions have to take place, then rosters have to be set, uniforms have to be ordered and schedules have to be made. Many other things go on behind the scenes to make the Little League experience a good one for all the players.


How much does it cost to play in the Nanuet Little League?

Each division has a different fee base. For a detailed description of our fee structure, see the FEE Structure button on the left side of the home page.

I will be registering more than one child in my family. Do the optional fees apply to each child, or are they just applied once to each family?

The $20 fundraiser is applied to each player. There is also a $25 multiple child discount that is figured into the registration fees. For a more detailed description of our fee structure, see the FEE Structure button on the left side of the home page.

Why does it cost more for my two children to be registered than it does for my next door neighbor’s two children?
Each division in our league has a specific cost associated with it. If families have children in different divisions than the neighbor children’s divisions, the total cost may be different. It is also possible that a family might have an outstanding balance or credit from a previous season which is carried forward that would affect their total. For a more detailed description of our fee structure, see the FEE Structure button on the left side of the home page.


Why are there late fees, and why so many levels?

The late fees serve two purposes. First we think they serve as an incentive to register on time. Secondly, they help defer logistical costs incurred due to late registrations. The fee structure of the league can be reviewed at the FEE Structure button on the left side of the home page.

Families moved to Nanuet after the school year begins, will be considered for a waive of the late fees.


Do I get a refund if I decide to quit the league?

Cancellation fees will apply if registered players drop out. As with late registrants, this puts a strain on the proper administration of the league. These fees increase as the season progresses. To see a complete description of the cancellation fees, please see the FEE Structure button on the left side of the home page.


I’m uncomfortable paying online with a credit card. Will there be an “in-person” registration?

We have not had “in-person” registration for many years now, and it has been very successful so far. Members can register online and pay with complete confidence as our website is a SECURE website, with encrypted transactions. If parents are still uncomfortable with this, they may register without paying, and mail in a check to our PO Box the same day as they register. They run the risk of being bumped from the registration if payment is not received within 7 days, and they would have to re-register all over again.


Is there a “scholarship” program for players in families that need to place little league as a lower priority on the expense list?

We do consider players that are in this category. We will ask that the families apply for this via the feedback link, via email, or by U.S. Mail to our Post Office box. These are all strictly confidential. We will also suggest to the families to volunteer any extra time to the league where possible.


What paperwork is necessary to prove player birth date and residence in the Nanuet school district?

We need to have a copy of the player’s birth certificate on file, and you need to live at an address in the Nanuet School District. A school district street list is found on the Documents button on the left side of the home page. A copy of a vehicle registration or driver’s license will suffice.


How can I change my information that you have on file?

Each member in our database (includes parents and players) is listed with an email address as “the key”. If any of your information is incorrect, or changes, you can access it by going to the EDIT MY ACCOUNT button on the bottom left side of the home page. Use your email address and password to access your information. If you don’t know your password, a password can be emailed to you by following the instructions after going to the EDIT MY ACCOUNT button on the bottom left side of the home page. If your email has changed, and you no longer have access to it, send a FEEDBACK to us at the FEEDBACK button on the left side of the home page and we will help you access your account.  


How you determine the jersey numbers for each player?

Jersey numbers are determined this way: In Majors Division, players in their last year get first preference. After that, the order is: First paid, first served. On the registration, we do ask parents to list 5 separate numbers in order of preference, so that we can attempt to accommodate those that have asked for numbers that have already been taken. If all 5 are exhausted, we look to birthdate, double numbers, reverse numbers, and then random.


Why am I not getting the emails sent out by Nanuet Little League?

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) (example: Yahoo, AOL, HOTMAIL, etc.) have ROBUST SPAM filters and block bulk emails sent out by websites. If you suspect you are not getting emails sent to you, step one is to check with your ISP and adjust your SPAM filtering settings to ensure getting emails from us. The two addresses you might get email from us are: nanuetlittleleague.org and leagueathletics.com. You need to add these addresses to the allowable senders list. In the world of EMAIL, this list is often referred to as a WHITELIST. Check with your ISP for more detailed information on SPAM and filtering options. As a backup, you should check the website for information regularly.

How do I change my player’s birth date on the website?

Due to the sensitivity of this particular piece of information about your child, the birthdate is locked and can only be changed by Nanuet Little League Personnel. Please send us a FEEDBACK at the FEEDBACK button on the left side of the home page and we will help you change the birthdate. You will need to fax or mail a copy of the birth certificate for a change to be made.

Baseball Registration will only accept Males. I want to sign up my daughter for Baseball. Is she allowed to play Baseball?

Girls are allowed to play in our baseball program. However, we set up all the Baseball programs during registration to only allow Males to avoid problems in registration. In the past, some parents would get confused and sign up their daughters for Baseball while intending to have them play Softball. We do open up the program manually after getting a specific request to do so. We have avoided a lot of confusion this way. It is also important to note that our Softball Program is a viable program for Girls ages 7-12, and can go as high as 18 based on interest.


What equipment does the league provide, and what do I need to purchase?

At minimum, each child needs to bring their own glove. Gloves can be purchased at a sporting goods store. The league provides each team with catcher’s equipment, batting helmets, bats and balls. In T-Ball, the league provides a T-shirt and cap for each player. In all divisions above, the league supplies pants, shirt, and cap. In some divisions, socks are also provided. Many parents end up purchasing a personal helmet for their child once they get beyond T-ball, and it usually lasts for years to use. Check with your child’s manager for more specific information.


How can I get more involved with the little league?

Nanuet Little League is successful because we have people that truly want to be involved with their children’s experience in the league. The league is run by volunteers made up primarily of parents and guardians of the players. The best way to start is at the T-Ball level, but it’s never too late to volunteer. On every registration, we include a question where one can sign up for Manager, Coach, Team Parent, or Umpire. To get more involved, simply check one of these boxes off while registering your child, or let us know anytime by sending us a feedback at the Feedback button on the left side of the home page.


How do I become a Sponsor?
We have many levels of Sponsorship, starting at as little as $50. We have a SPONSOR Application tab on the main page of the website, that explains everything.


How do I become a Manager of a Team?
In order to be considered to Manage a team for an upcoming season, one must submit a request to be considered in writing (email is accepted) by July 31 of the previous year. It is also important to check off the MANAGER box while registering their child in the program. Any information provided by the applicant can be helpful in the decision making process. Each year, a new list of prospective managers is created from these letters and registration choices. The applicants are reviewed by the Manager Selection Committee. The Committee may interview and investigate prospective managers, and recommend prosective candidates to the President, for appointment and subsequent approval by the Board of Directors.


Why Can’t you give me the reasons that I wasn’t selected to manage (or Asst. Coach) a team this year?

Nanuet Little League is sanctioned by Little League International, and their guideline is not to to disclose any reason for not selecting a candidate for any Volunteer position. This is outlined in the Little League Operating Manual. No Manager has “tenure”, or ownership of any team. Therefore, no Manager has “right of first refusal” or “dibs” on a team, nor can they “hand down a team” to a coach of their choice.

When we come to a decision to deny a volunteer application, we do so with reason and just cause. It is not a frivolous up/down vote. Any Nay vote comes after much discussion. We don't only consider the positives that an individual may bring to the league, we consider every action they have committed. While the positives a volunteer brings to the league are commendable, these can't infiltrate the clarity needed when considering when disciplinary action is warranted.

As far as not discussing any specific reason for why a volunteer application is denied, it ultimately protects the individual. It would be easier for us to openly disclose the reasons, however, this would put the individual in the difficult position of either having to justify their improper behavior, or just plain lie about it. Instead, the unfortunate result, generally, is that there is a community uproar saturated with assumption of total innocence, and a general sense that unwarranted injustice is being committed by the board, rarely with even a remote thought that maybe, just maybe, there's more to the story than they could ever imagine.

Ironically, the individual is not well served by email campaigns of support, because instead of the situation being quietly absorbed by the individual, many in the community get a short term sense of injustice, but then a long term curiousity of what really might have happened.

Why isn’t my child on a roster yet? Many of the other children in the school are already practicing?

Managers are encouraged to contact their players once their rosters are set. However, for many reasons, we do not allow players to participate in practices or games until they are fully registered and paid up (including paperwork submitted). They will not be assigned to a roster until these requirements are met.


Can my child play on the same team as he did last year?

Every year, teams rosters start from scratch and there are no returning teams with rosters. The policies for specific player placement can be found on the Policies button on the left side of the home page.

My child played in the “(-----)” division for two years now. Aren’t they automatically moved up after that?


My child is an exceptional athlete, and should play on a higher level than his age prescribed level. Who do I need to talk to to get him to play up?

Generally, the division structure is based on age/ability. The age determination date is April 30 of the current season for Baseball, and December 31 of the previous season for Softball. Players are evaluated during each season, and also at tryouts that follow registration. Generally, Nanuet Little League discourages players “playing up”. More detailed information on this can be found at our Division Structure button and our Policies button on the left side of the home page.


Why wasn’t my son/daughter selected among the few that were moved up to a higher division?

Many factors are considered when a player is evaluated to be eligible to be drafted in a higher division than that generally prescribed by the Nanuet Little League guidelines. Some (but not all) of these factors, include, team count, player count and available roster spots, player ability, both mentally and physically, maturity level, etc. For obvious reasons, no specific reasons can be given for the decisions made on player movement. No specific comparisons of players will be discussed with any parent. More information on this topic can be found on the policies page of the website.


How are team rosters determined?

All team rosters in competitive divisions are determined by a draft, starting with a blank slate each year. In the 9-12 year old range, the Majors division is drafted first, from a pool of eligible players for that division. Any players not drafted in the Majors are put in a pool with eligible players for the next lower division, and another draft occurs. Each subsequent division in the competetive level follows the same procedure until all eligible players for competetive divisions are drafted. In the Non-competitive divisions, team rosters are assembled with many factors considered, including fairness and balance.


Why is my child is on a team with children from different grades?

Our league, sanctioned by LITTLE LEAGUE International, is age/ability based, and not based on grade. We have players spread out among many divisions and each competitive division generally has players from 3 (occasionally 4) different grades. Age is based on what age a player is on April 30 of the current season for Baseball, and December 31 prior to the season for Softball.


How many times a week are there games/practices?

Each division is different. It is at the discretion of the Manager to schedule and hold practices for their team. We encourage the Managers to have as many practices as practical in this day and age of multi-commitment players/parents. Depending on the division, generally the practice frequency increases as the players advance. More detailed information on game frequency can be found at our Division Structure button on the left side of the home page.


My player attends religion classes. Do you work around the religion classes when scheduling practices and games?

Unfortunately, due to massive amounts of potential conflicts in scheduling, we cannot accommodate any particular religious class or any other possible conflicting commitment that players are subject to during our seasons. We will generally follow the public school calendar, and try to work around the days that the public schools are closed. Other than that, we have to maintain a general schedule that includes weekdays and weekends between April and June. More detailed information about scheduling can be found on the Policies button on the left side of the home page.


Why shouldn’t I leave a message on the Nanuet Little League Phone number?

The NLL phone number is primarily used as an informational message recording, to be used in conjunction with the website to alert the general membership in a timely manner of rainouts or adverse conditions, that would prohibit playing on our fields. While Verizon provides voice mail for Nanuet Little League, we don’t have the staff to monitor the voice messages that would be left. Therefore, any messages left will go unheard. Your questions or comments are much better served using our Feedback link provided on our website at the Feedback button on the left side of the home page.


How long does it take to get an answer from feedback?
Feedback questions come in the form of email and can take up to a week or more to get a reply. It is not necessary to send a second feedback if a question has been raised. Questions will be answered, but if the feedback is just a comment or suggestion, an answer will probably not be necessary.

Who gets the feedback when I send it via the feedback link?
Nanuet Little League realizes the importance of confidentiality. The feedback goes in an email form to the President of the League. From there, only the board member(s) absolutely necessary to provide input or complete a request will be forwarded a copy of the email. Members can be confident that their comments and opinions about Managers, Coaches, or any Volunteers, sent in via the Feedback link will NOT be forwarded or shown to the people who are the subject(s) of the email. We do strongly encourage our members to use the FEEDBACK link regularly, so that we can continue to keep a pulse on all aspects of the league.