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2021 Major Girls Interleague Rules

Participating Leagues: Nanuet LL, West Nyack LL, South Orangetown LL, Pearl River LL 

Normal Little League Softball “Book” Rules will apply for all 2021 Major Girls Interleague Games unless noted or adjusted below:  

  • Continuous batting order - If a team has 12 players in attendance; all 12 are in the batting order and it allows for free defensive substitutions throughout the game.

  • 9 Defensive players (3 Outfielders) - All outfielders to be on the outfield grass when the pitch is thrown.

  • Pitchers may pitch 6 innings per game

  • Catchers can play the position all game as well.

  • Fake bunt/slap/slash then pull back and take a full swing is NOT permitted. Batter will be called out and runners cannot advance.

  • Unlimited stealing including advancing on overthrows permitted.  Leading allowed on release of softball out of pitcher's hand.

  • Drop 3rd strike in play- a batter may advance toward 1st upon the drop and other runners may advance also. Less than 2 outs and 1st base occupied the batter is out upon drop of 3rd strike. 

  • Once a team scores 5 runs in an inning - no more stealing or advancing base runners. This is designated as a good etiquette rule. Still need to get 3 outs!

  • The host team is the home team unless otherwise stated on the schedule.

  • Teams can start games with 8 players - add late arriving players to the end of the batting order with no penalty.

  • Game Time Limits - No New inning after 1:45 Minutes - It’s important to have the game start time noted in both teams' scorebooks after umpire ground rules are completed. Managers/Coaches should be coming to games with a pre-planned line-up and fielding position layout, especially for pitchers/catchers to reduce wasted time between half-innings.

  • Catcher/pitcher speed up rule permitted when there are 2 outs. Use last batted out for replacement. 

  •  Each league has its own policy on minimum play requirements imposed for their teams and managers/coaches should abide by their own leagues' policy.